Oliver Gärtner - Experience the Magic of Music
"The Quest Of The Argonauts" is the title of a music project launched by Francis Brown (Duisburg) and Thorsten Bartel (Oberhausen). In a total of 12 songs, the legend of Iason, the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece told from the perspective of different characters. Accordingly, each character is "embodied" by guest singers. The pieces are basically based in heavy metal, with a wide range of styles being offered, for example through classic arrangements.

"Dark Life" is the title of a radio play series by the label BELLGATTO AUDIO under the direction of Tatjana & Michael Auster. Oliver Gärtner produced and composed both the title songs and the entire background music for the first episode "Nowbacks Secrets" (release 06.09.2011) and the second episode "Demons Whisper" (release 10.11.2011). Further episodes of the new Dark Mystery thriller series are already planned for spring and summer 2012.